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Hello Fall...

Autumn is the season for deep nourishment and rest. There is a natural shift that occurs as the days shorten and darkness creeps in. We shift out of the more productive and fiery yang energy into a slower and softer yin. As this shift occurs we are more likely to crave rest and a slower pace. This is the time to honor our body's needs for deep rest and nourishment. How are you honoring your needs during this season?

The trees are a perfect guide when it comes to this season. When we shift into shorter days and cooler weather, the trees begin to pull all their energy down into the deepest parts of themselves, their roots. As they conserve this energy for nourishing their innermost self, they begin to let the excess, external things go as they shed their leaves. Autumn is the perfect time to reflect on the months past and to release any "excess leaves" we may not need for the coming season. Excess leaves may look like projects, jobs, relationships, etc. that have taken far too much of our energy. We may have had more energy for these things in seasons past, but now our energy is condensing. Only what is necessary may stay. Sometimes letting go may seem difficult but if we look to nature as a guide, we understand the deeply rooted wisdom in this process. Nothing in nature blooms all year long and neither should we. If we consider nature's wisdom, we understand that the leaves that are shed in the fall become compost for new growth in the spring. It is only natural to crave a resetting at this time and to reset, we need to let go, to compost as a preparation for new growth.

What are you letting go of this season?

How can you prepare space for new growth?

What feels like it needs releasing? This can be as simple as old clothes in your closet or as complex as a relationship that is no longer working.

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